Wrecked Vette Wednesday: C4 Crushed By House in Canada, Not Oz

The garage is a sacred place for car enthusiasts. It is our castle, our home away from home, our lair and our Mancave. It is a place of solace, and a place of horsepower. It is supposed to be a safe place to store our cars and prized possessions, protecting the contents from bad weather and bad people alike.

So you can imagine the horror of a Canadian man who awoke on Tuesday morning to find his garage had crushed his prized 1984 Corvette, as reported by WTSB. The news report blames Tropical Storm Leslie, which just passed through Newfoundland, but we think flying monkeys and wicked witches may have been involved.

Tropical Storm Leslie, when it was known as Hurricane Leslie, battered the Gulf Coast and left many communities under several feet of water. After it was done deluging over the South, it moved through the Midwest and into Canada, eventually gathering steam as it pounced on Newfoundland.

The storm knocked out power and blew down trees while drenching residents. But arguably the worst destruction was this garage that fell on some poor sod’s 1984 Corvette, crushing it into a pancake. Why the Corvette wasn’t in the garage for the storm, we couldn’t tell, though it likely wouldn’t have helped much. The back half of this ‘Vette is crushed, but there’s hope that the engine may be salvageable.

It’s a shame, and a reminder to heed warnings of Nature’s wrath.

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