When burnouts go wrong there are typically a number of contributing factors such as poor judgement, an inappropriate location, and lack of driving skill. No matter how many times one sees a burnout go wrong there is a certain level of juvenile humor that goes along with watching misfortune befall a driver who should have known better. In this latest display of driving prowess (in reality, a complete lack of common sense) the driver decides put on a display of his powerful black C4 Corvette. Burnouts and gravel are not normally a great combination, but again the driver is a likely a local who should have experience with gravel and dirt roads.

As the Corvette accelerates down the unpaved road, the driver starts to lose control, fishtailing the C4 at a high rate of speed. Once it is clear the driver has lost directional control of the car, the poor Corvette disappears from view as it dives into a ditch on the side of the road. Amazingly, the C4 does not appear to have suffered major damage in spite of flying off the road. The second video shows the driver’s friends and/or neighbors rescuing the C4 from the sizable ditch. With a tow strap attached to a 4×4 Ford fullsize pickup, another individual instructs the driver of the truck to pull carefully in hopes of not damaging the Corvette as it hauled from ditch. In the end the driver of pickup successfully extracts the Corvette from ditch without causing any further damage.