Just when you thought that Florida drivers couldn’t get more ridiculous, Corvette Blogger brings us news of yet another Sunshine State incident. While we brought you news of Florida motorists doing all kinds of things to avoid getting caught not paying road tolls awhile ago, this latest crash tops that.

During the daylight hours of August 7th, a driver managed to flip his C3 on US-1 in Malabar, Florida. The crash sent both the passenger and driver of the car to the hospital and closed the southbound lanes of the highway for accident clean up.

It is unclear how the C3 ended up in shambles, resting on its top, but there is definitely a crazy story there. Side pipes, aftermarket wheels, and what appear to be bald tires tell us that this particular Corvette was a driver rather than a show car, but beyond that we don’t have a lot of details. In any case, we wish the driver and passenger a speedy recovery, and hope they stay clear of Corvettes for a while, just in case.