Arson is a serious crime, but it hard to imagine the horror to finding not one, but two of your vehicles were intentionally torched. Corvette Blogger covered the plight of the San Tran Valley, Arizona couple who lost two cherished vehicles in arson attack on early Easter Sunday. Gary and Vikki Marozas were alerted to the blaze by their neighbors; according to, the Marozas made it downstairs to find both their ’92 H1 Hummer and their C4 Corvette ablaze. Both of the vehicles are a total loss, but the couple is having a difficult time understanding why they were targeted by the alleged arsonist.  Mrs. Marozas told, “We want to know who did this to us. There are no adversaries; we’re friends of everybody in the neighborhood. This is a horrible act of vandalism.”

With both cars completely destroyed, the couple is faced with the loss of a treasured red Corvette and the loss of their limited edition H1. Based on the pictures of the two vehicles there is no point in attempting to restore either one; what makes this crime even more infuriating is that the H1 is rare; one of only two produced with that particular set of options. Hopefully this will not end up like the arsonist that tormented the Hollywood, California area around New Year’s. Despite their loss the Marozas’s daughter is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the firebug; anyone with information regarding the fire that destroyed a C4 and a Hummer is encouraged to call the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department at 1-800-420-8689.