Wrecked Vette Wednesday – Another Classic Corvette Takes The Plunge

There is a part of nature that favors the idea of a strong affinity. Sharks and remoras, for example, get along famously. Other examples closer to home might include rum and coke, or fish and chips. You shouldn’t think that all this is just sweetness and light, however. There is a darker part to it all.

Many of us will have experienced the strong affinity between cue balls and pool table pockets and – really – do we even have to talk about the attractive forces between golf balls and water? There is more at work than we appreciate here and, for a Fairfield County man in Connecticut, the evidence became very real this week.

According to a report in The Daily of New Canaan, CT, Mark Weiss had parked his 1962 Corvette near Mead Pond in the town, which lies about 8 miles northeast of Stamford. After having some electrical issues with the car, Weiss went to speak with a friend. When he looked back, the Corvette was slowly rolling down a ramp to the pond.

Best efforts apparently could not stop the car’s determined dive and firefighters had to be called to retrieve the convertible. “I must have hit the gear shift and it just started rolling,” Weiss told the newspaper.

Although Weiss faces a good deal of work to undo the damage, the pond contained fresh rather than salt water. The job will be somewhat easier because of this.

We’re not ones to make single point projections. However, in the few months since this web site opened, this is at least the third instance we have encountered of a Corvette making a run for a body of water. Something may be going on here. Please stand by while we investigate this paranormal phenomenon…

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