Drinking and driving tempts fate, but occasionally the driver will get “lucky” and make it home without crashing, ending up in jail or killing anyone. Unfortunately, poor choices like drinking and driving can have deadly consequences not only for the driver, but passengers or other drivers as well. Unfortunately, alcohol is the suspected cause of a fatal wreck that left the driver and his passenger dead and the mangled remains of a red C4 Corvette on display in front yard of Spokane Valley, Washington home.

According to the Northwest Cable News the accident occurred around 7pm on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 when the driver of the Corvette lost control of the car and veering into the opposing lane. Once the C4 crossed into the other lane the driver probably tried to correct and ended up driving through a yard in the residential neighborhood before colliding with a telephone pole and a large tree.

David Scott, a resident of the neighborhood where the crash took place, stated that he heard a loud bang and saw debris from the wreck littering the street. After Scott’s eldest son saw the extent of the collision he yelled for his father to call 911. Both occupants of the vehicle died from injuries sustained during the violent crash. According to Northwest Cable News, police officers allegedly found open alcohol containers in the wrecked Corvette, but investigators suspect that the crash was caused by a combination of speed and alcohol. Neither the male driver nor his female passenger was wearing their seatbelt at the time of the accident.