Yet another Corvette has fallen victim to a major collision that nearly destroyed the entire front end of this C6. Insurance Auto Auctions handles the disposal of the dead Corvettes (and Camaros, and Camrys, and whatnot) that have befallen traumatic and fatal damage. Unlike the silver C5 ‘vert from last week, this C6 still has most of the car, despite the substantial destruction of the front end. Somehow the 6.2L engine remains inside of this wreck.

Another down side to this totalled ‘Vette the lack of a key to start this baby up; however overheating may be an issue thanks to the destruction of the radiator and water pump. Whether or not the LS engine was incurably harmed during the accident remains to be seen, but from the pictures it seems like it was badly injured in the accident.

Despite the extensive body damage to the front, the wheels seem to have escaped unscathed and the tires seem to be in good shape.  It is safe to assume that front suspension sustained some heavy damage, but perhaps the brakes survived complete and total destruction. After surveying the damage, it is unlikely that returning this Corvette to the streets would be cost effective, but for someone building project car this ‘Vette could serve as an organ donor.