Wrecked Vette Wednesday: A C5 Z06 Pilot Takes Out Innocent Fence

Image Source: Bob Gatien

It’s never fun to crash a vehicle, let alone a Corvette, which the whole body is made of fiberglass – the good part about the story is that everyone walked away from the accident.

Via our friends over at CorvetteBlogger, we bring you the aftermath of this unfortunate crash. This accident happened in Ottawa, Canada, on June 24th around 11 a.m. Supposedly, there was a grey minivan involved in the crash as well. After the ‘Vette was hit, it went into a spiral and took out the noise barrier and fence of a Nepean home near Greenbank Rd.

There’s not much information on what actually happened, but from how the Corvette ended up, we can tell that there was some speed involved with this accident. This is a great time, however, to get your curiosity fix squared away if you’ve ever wondered what the skeleton of a Corvette door looks like.

We know the fence is totaled and very much so needs surgery to get back into its original state, but what about the ‘Vette? Can it be fixed? Yes, it can, but even a mint condition C5 Z06 is relatively cheap to the average consumer, so fixing this ‘Vette wouldn’t exactly be cost-effective and it most likely will be totaled out.

The owner of this Z06 definitely had a wild ride that he won’t forget anytime in the near future. Hopefully this will serve as a reminder to our readers to always wear seat belts and to always be aware of your surroundings at all times. Drive safe out there!


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