Catastrophic failures caught on camera are incredibly commonplace thanks to cellphones and YouTube, but watching a modded Z06 melt is tragic. Corvette Blogger reported on the heartbreaking death of a red C5 Z06 that was engulfed in flames on the side of Oklahoma highway. What makes this loss even more painful for the owner and Corvette aficionados alike is that this was no plain Jane Z06 – this was a twin turbo monster.

From the information with the video on StreetFire, (irony alert!) the red Z06 produced 1,000 horsepower thanks to the twin turbos and some serious engine mods. In most states doing performance upgrades of this level are problematic thanks to strict emission laws, but there are places, like Oklahoma that remain horsepower friendly.

Little information was available to determine the actual cause of the fire, but Corvette Blogger speculated that it was a fuel related issue. It is hard to watch the flames grow larger and more intense as the fire rages underneath the hood and spreads into the passenger compartment. Although the exact location of the tragedy is unknown, the Oklahoma City Fire Department arrived promptly with two units, but it was still too late to the save the red Z06. It must have been hard for the owner to assemble the footage of life and death of his Corvette, but it seemed a fitting tribute to beloved friend.