Wow, Jeremy Clarkson Actually Likes The C7 Stingray?!

Yes, we’re in shock, too. Not just because Jeremy Clarkson is one of the harshest critics out there, but because he doesn’t really take a liking to American cars very often. The review that Clarkson wrote for is full of clever and funny analogies, as well as quick wittiness – Clarkson just has a fantastic way of expressing himself.

We were really surprised when Clarkson explained that the only minor issues with the car was the nose scraping over speedbumps and the overall ride stiffness in any setting – their speedbumps are probably much taller than ours in the states and the whole ride stiffness aspect is all personal preference. We actually happen to like the ride stiffness of the Stingray with the Z51 performance package, but again, all personal preference.

Clarkson explains, “Yes, mothers still asked their children to come inside when I drove by, and cyclists sneered at me even more cruelly than usual. I felt the hatred from anyone whose IQ was greater than their hat size. And I wanted to lean out of the window and tell them all: ‘Look, I know you think this is crap, and that I only bought it to demonstrate my love for Garth Brooks, but, trust me, it’s tremendous.'” Those are the kind of comments we like to read because in reality, Chevrolet changed Clarkson’s whole perspective of how he looks at the Corvette – he even compares the design characteristics to the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Lamborghini Aventador.

This review must bring a tear to Chevrolet’s proverbial eye just knowing that they’ve pleased one of the automotive industry’s toughest critics. Well done, Chevrolet, and keep it up!

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