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Would Your Torture-Test Your Beater For A Chance At $25,000?

Note: This is NOT an EPA-approved way to dispose of fluorescent bulbs...

For those craving their fifteen minutes of fame, Speed Channel is currently casting for their latest reality car show. “Whipped” is the new show that is slated to debut this fall and should prove to be a test of driving skill and vehicle endurance. Contestants are pitted against each other as they try to maneuver their rides through the crazy obstacle course (imagine Wipeout meets Mousetrap plus a menacing big rig). For those willing and able to make the trip to Hollywood all that is necessary is to email the show and try to get an interview.

Based on the promo for the show it is safe to assume your vehicle is likely to sustain a little cosmetic damage thus the call for “jacked up” rides. If crashing into fluorescent tubes, drifting in a circle and skillfully knocking down plastic barrels sounds like fun, then perhaps the grand prize of $25,000 will only sweeten the pot. At the end of the season the previous weeks’ winners will face off to be the “Whipped” champion and a chance to trick out their “jacked up” ride. For those not selected, live too far away or just lack the guts to test their car and driving skill, then “Whipped” might make a nice addition to your DVR recording schedule.

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