These days, we know that a lot of car shopping begins online, well before you ever step into a showroom or onto a car lot. That’s why Jeff Gordon Chevrolet and Hendrick Automotive set up an comprehensive, dealer-based web shopping portal with nationwide coverage.

The site, which lets you shop over 500 new Corvettes, new Camaros, GM Certified Pre-owned Corvettes and GM Certified Pre-owned Camaros, also lists gently used Corvette and Camaro models from the sixties all the way into the nineties. If you’re looking to go back to your high school parking lot in style, or just to do a big, smoky burnout in revenge, this is the place to get geared up.

At this moment, the site lists 272 Corvettes and 325 Camaros. The site provides immediate access to the individual vehicle’s CarFax report without having to divulge any personal information. The CarFax report shows the past history of ownership, including whether or not the car was used in rental service, along with many other details.

You may be able to find the Corvette or Camaro of your dreams in a ‘heart beat’ at