Video: Woodward Dream Cruise, Revved Up And Already Cruising

cruisemapEvery year, the world’s biggest, one-day car event takes place in Oakland County, Michigan. The event, which actually began 19 years ago as a fundraiser for a soccer field, has grown to draw 1.5 million people and 40,000 classic cars from all over the world.

That fundraiser, with good intentions and a goal for that field in Ferndale, Michigan, drew in about 250,000 people. They merely wanted to remind us all of the nostalgic ’50s and ’60s, when we all loved music and the cars that the Big Three produced. Though they expected far fewer – roughly 10 percent of all that showed up – the event along Woodward Avenue became legendary, and spawned a cruise like no other in the world.

This Saturday, the Woodward Dream Cruise is opening up the official doors for the event. But that doesn’t mean that participants haven’t already begun revving their engines and showing up to dream about the cars they had, and the cars they wish they had. Each year this cruise gets bigger, and better, than the year before, with no end in sight as to just how big it can become.

For those who plan to join in on the festivities, you’re in luck because The Detroit Free Press reports that weather is going to be perfect for cruising with your classic musclecar. They’ve also shared some parking guides and tips to get you parked and shuttled into the event, for those not partaking in the pavement part of the cruise.

They recommend that you avoid Woodward Avenue to get to any particular location along that avenue, as it will be packed. Instead they offer up suggestions for which exits to take, and which ones to avoid. If you’re willing to do some walking, there are lots close enough for that as well, but the action and the awesome cars will be cruising, meaning you will probably get all the pics your iPhone or Android can handle – and then some.

There should be plenty of cool cars to check out, and a few special attractions, like the Snake & Mongoose cars at the Palladium 12 parking lot, as well as some teasers from the Big Three. Senior VP of Product Design for Chrysler, Ralph Gilles, has stated the Chrysler will introduce a concept car for the first time at the cruise. Chevrolet will bring along the 1967 Camaro Hot Wheels car and have it on display, and Ford Racing says it will have a pretty amazing display at 9 Mile and Woodward, so expect to see something cool from them, as well.

With all of the summer cruises taking place, and all of the popular tours going on each year, the Woodward Dream Cruise seems to always be a favorite. Who knows, perhaps one day we can cover ourselves. Until that day comes, however, it will just have to be one of our Dream Cruises, too.

So what’s your take on this monstrous cruise? Have you ever participated in the event, or do you plan to? Share your favorite memories of the cruise below the jump.

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