We’ve seen some extreme body modifications done to the C6 Corvette platform. Good or bad, that type of modification doesn’t appeal to everyone – it’s a matter of taste. We recently came across this widebody kit from SS Vette on CorvetteBlogger, and we have to say that it’s one of the better ones, at least to our eyes. Although the results are more subtle than body kits from other companies for the latest Corvette generation, they still get some of their design cues from the exotic car world.

SS Vette’s somewhat understated body modifications seem to have found their niche with people who want their car to be different but not so different it looks crazy. That tactic has allowed SS Vette to not only survive in the tough economic times, but actually flourish.

Doing a body kit like this on a Corvette represents a substantial financial commitment, and it’s always best to see the one you’re considering “in the flesh” before jumping in, but for more photos, be sure to check out CorvetteBlogger.com