Win Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s “Defy My Ride” Corvette

DaleCorvette3qpThis year, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Quaker State have something else in common besides NASCAR: a gold-painted ’72 Corvette. Hand-picked by Dale himself, the car has now been entered into a sweepstakes as a sweet prize for the Defy My Ride promotion.

What’s cool about this car is that it’s getting more than just a buff and shine. Several modifications are being made to the engine, suspension, brakes, and more to bring this classic sports car in the 21st century.

According to Dale, the car is getting its work done by the same guys who toil on Dale’s stock car. And we can see for ourselves what’s getting done to the Corvette: Wilwood disc brakes, American Racing wheels, and BF Goodrich tires will provide top-notch traction, with KYB shock absorbers offering much better suspension than the stock variety.

Inside, it looks like you’ll be getting a primo Kenwood sound system and custom-made interior, complete with Dale’s signature embroidered into the floor mats. His signature will also adorn the valve covers under the hood. And did we mention this C3 uses the 454?

DaleCorvettefrontThe Corvette is part of Quaker State’s promotion of their Defy oils, which are designed to meet the needs of engines with 75K miles and up. Promising to prevent up to 98% of future engine wear, users can expect to see their cams, cranks, and piston rings last much longer.

To enter the contest, folks can go to and follow the instructions. A questions asks: “Do you change your own oil?”

Whether you do or not, keep in mind that answering ‘no’ offers a rebate form to save $10 on your next oil change, provided that you used the company’s oils and filters. It’s a nice incentive for folks who may or may not always use Quaker State products.

In any case, we wish good luck upon Dale and all you gearheads out there raring to win this gold beauty. We can’t wait to see who gets this swell C3.

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