Wide Body Kit Making Its Mark on C6 Corvettes

Do you want to make your C6 Corvette stand out? Not that a Corvette blends in with grocery-getters and family vehicles on the road, but some individuals want their cars to have a bit more of an edge compared to other Corvettes. Recently, Detroit News ran into a company that can make your Corvette stand out from afar.

The company is American Custom Industries, located in Sylvania, Ohio. They have been creating fiberglass body panels for 1963 and newer Corvettes since 1968. Earlier this month, ACI showcased some of their fiberglass body panels on a C6 Corvette at the Corvettes at the Summit show.

One of the company’s latest releases is a wide-body kit for the C6 Corvette. The kit comes with fenders, quarter panels, front fascia flares, front and rear spoilers as well as a rear tunnel spoiler, side skirts and a “Stinger” high-rise hood. It is available for both coupes and convertibles.

In addition to producing Corvette fiberglass body panels, ACI also has complete body and mechanical shops that can do work on most makes and models. So if you’re looking for an all-encompassing Corvette shop or just for some fiberglass body panels to spice up your Corvette’s style, you might want to give American Custom Industries a call. Check out their website for more details on their fiberglass panels and other services.

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