Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Square ‘Vette! Customizing Corvettes to reflect a trend, theme or personal obsession is a common occurrence, but a children’s cartoon is a new one. Jalopnik felt this Corvette rightfully deserved fifteen minutes of internet fame or perhaps infamy. It is hard to imagine what sort of kelp was smoked and how many krabby patties were consumed during the creative process that lead to the Spongebob Square ‘Vette. Other than possibly being painted yellow from the factory, it is hard to imagine what inspired this owner to create his owner personal masterpiece. Unlike other mysteries where one is left to ponder the origin, the Spongebob Square ‘Vette’s owner posted pictures and the story behind his creation on CorvetteForum.com.

According to the owner, the ’94 Corvette needed a fresh paint job after time and the elements had worked their magic on the original dark red metallic paint job. The owner simply stated that he loves both Corvettes and Spongebob, so it seemed like a natural progression to merge the two and create Spongebob Square ‘Vette. Custom touches include Spongbob seat covers, a life preserver with “Property Of Bikini Bottom” emblazoned on the removable targa roof, the custom painted Spongebob face on the hood, and just in case you needed a reminder, the doors are adorned with Spongebob logo. When it comes to the this Corvette, I feel compelled to agree with Squidward; “I didn’t need to see that.”