What’s the Real Story Behind this Corvette’s Sale?

Most cars are bought and sold on a daily basis without question. However, there are a few cars that are put up for sale for reasons that beg the question, “What’s the real story?” Recently, a 1960 Corvette popped up in RacingJunk’s classifieds that has to have a story beyond what the seller’s letting on.

The owner of the Corvette states in his classified ad that he has only owned the car for two months and has decided to sell it because he is too tall for it. Now, when I go look at a car to see if I want to purchase it, one of the first things I do is sit in the car. I would think that the seller would’ve realize that he was too tall to comfortably fit in the Corvette before he bought it, but ok, I’ll bite (although it is a convertible – perfect for a tall individual, at least with the top down).

The seller goes on to say that the Corvette lived in a barn for over 30 years. Although rare, you can still find classic car gems in barns these days. The one’s worth buying are those that are rare or in good condition, especially original condition. Supposedly, the Corvette was originally a quad power-top car, making it a rather rare find. Unfortunately, the car underwent some serious modifications in its life so it is no longer that notable barn find that we all dream of- yet it carries a price tag of a significant find.

The asking price for the Corvette is $35,000. For an original-condition, 1960 quad power-top Corvette, this would be a considerably good deal. However, with so many missing or incorrect parts, I’m not certain that the price is fair. This is especially the case if a buyer is looking to restore the car to new condition or change it into a project car.

With all this in mind, there has to be some other reason for the car’s sale. Although just speculation, it wouldn’t be surprising if the seller bought the car only to be met by his wife at the garage door telling him he didn’t need another toy, especially if he had been talked into purchasing it for a crazy-high price. Only time will tell if the seller will get his asking price or the market will demand that he offer the Corvette for much less.

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