What’s the Lamest Video You Can Do with a C7 Corvette?

scs1Let’s say you had a brand new 2014 Stingray to mess around with, and got the idea to shoot a video. You might do a short new car review, but then again that’s been done in such an awesome way already that you couldn’t possibly top it. Maybe it’s snowing, and you could cut a few powdered donuts in the parking lot of what will soon be an abandoned JCPenney store. If you’re in Germany, you could take it for a top speed blast on the autobahn, and of course doing a dyno video is always a possibility.

This is the look that defines, "I don't get paid enough for this isht..."

This is the look that defines, “I don’t get paid enough for this isht…”

But what you shouldn’t do is get stoned (we’re assuming) and hungry, then decide to annoy some poor minimum wage fast food workers with a joke that wouldn’t be funny even if it didn’t take more than four minutes too long to get to the punch line. But, that’s exactly what we have here.

We’re not really spoiling the joke when we say that you can probably guess exactly what’s going to happen in SMOKED CHICKEN SANDWICH! just by reading the title. The Corvette driver pulls up and asks for a “smoked chicken sandwich,” and several minutes of confused, completely un-funny conversation with the poor bastard on the other side of the speaker ensues. There’s the obligatory burnout, and an awkward attempt to wrap it all up for the audience.

So what would you do with a new Corvette and enough GoPro cameras to outfit not only the Stingray but a second vehicle as well? Whatever you can think of, it’s probably less ill-conceived and far funnier/more entertaining than this. But hey, at least you could make a decent drinking game of it by taking a shot every time he says “SMOKED CHICKEN SANDWICH!” scs3



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