The automotive hobby was founded on creativity and standing out from the herd. People have always gone to extremes to make their cars “unique” and “different”, and this has led to some very questionable modifications. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though, and as long as you like your car, who are we to question your taste?

Still, some cars are worth a double-take not because of how good they look but because of how different they look. Take this oddity, spotted by Bangshift. What the hell is it?

This car used to be a 2003 Chevy Corvette, but it was modified with a kit that gave it the front end of a 1953 Corvette and… is that a wagon rear end? Yes, yes it is. We have quite frankly never, ever seen something like this Corvette wagon before, so we just had to do some digging. Lo and behold, we found out exactly what it is.

What you are gazing upon is a 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Corvette. Built to fit the 2003 model C5 Corvette, these kits turned an ’03 into a ’53…sort of. It really doesn’t look much like the real thing, but it is a nifty kit in its own right. The car at the top of the post though, the silver wagon, that’s a special edition of the special edition! At least 200 of these kits were made and sold, and it seems to be a very tight-knit group of owners. Not sure who came up with the bright idea to turn the C5 Corvette into a bastardized ’53 wagon but, to each their own.