The Corvette C7 is soon to be revealed – a lot of people would say not a moment too soon. Questions of what the car will look like, how it will be powered and what else will be changed for the latest Corvette model have been circulating for months now among automotive enthusiasts. Jen Dunnaway, writer for Autoholics, asked Corvette fans on April 1st if they would be pleased if the C7 came out looking like the Soleil Anadi. This concept design, along with the Z03 concept which was unveiled in 2008, are project designs from Ugur Sahin.

So far, Autoholic fans have had mixed reactions to the question. While some find it interesting, others find the concept to be too hefty and not close enough to traditional Corvette designs. It seems that the consensus is the Anadi looks like a mix between a few different supercars, good or bad, but most people don’t believe the C7 will look anything like this or any other concept design that’s floating around in cyberspace.