Weiner Wednesday – From Stingray to “Shamu” The Albino Killer Whale


Whoo boy.

Check this out. The folks over at Barn Finds report this C3 creation was found not on Craigslist or Ebay, but just sitting on a trailer somewhere.

“Scott” tells the story. ” I stopped to get a sandwich and when I came out, this was in the parking lot. Don’t know anything about it, but it looks like it is barn fresh!”

C3s are especially susceptible to this kind of malarky and this poor old roadster was probably quite fetching back in the day. We don’t know what year it is but based on the “454” badge on the hood it could be as late as 1974.  It also could be a chrome bumper C3.  Yikes.


Based on the Keystone mags and the open letter white tires we think this thing is the product of the late Seventies, early Eighties.

Greenwood and Eckler body kits were all the rage back then so this probably pays “homage” to  those wide-body racers, but with a decidedly home-made look.

We would like to meet the weiner that took this poor Stingray and transformed it from a lithe, automotive fish to “Shamu” the albino killer whale. Every mod took a thousand dollars away.  From the elongated proboscis to the sculpted side detailing, to the upside down Camaro taillights, every “brushstroke”was clumsily executed.


Sweet little (454?) roadster with the equivalent of platform shoes and bellbottoms.

The finish work can best be descibed as papier-machè level.  It’s wiggly, caked with filler and  nary a smooth line in sight.

As usual, we always contend that this is a free country and what is junk to one man is art to another.  If  you own the car, you can do what you want, we just reserve the right to comment and observe as well.

Anyhoo, check the pics and tell us what could be done to resurrect this Corvette.


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