C5 was tarted up and sent up the river…

Ladies and gents, We give you the lazy man’s way to mod your Corvette, stickers!

You’ve seen the double-sided doilies before. Wheel trim, door guards, chrome pillar aplique etc.   Usually found on Cadillacs and Lincolns but increasingly, Corvettes are victims as well.

Our favorite stick ’em mods are chrome portholes. Any O’Reillys or Pep Boys has ’em. You can order them on Amazon and can stick them on your 2018 Z06 the next day…

Wait a minute!  You ARE NOT putting stickers on a 2018 Z06! Don’t do it!

Step away from the chrome mylar strips!

Apparently that hasn’t stopped other peeps. Check out this poor C6. Someone went a bit crazy on this one.

There was obviously doobie involved here, we suspect a nice big reefer of “Sativa” was the stimulus. It’s effects make you very “creative…” Someone got real high and crazy and whipped out some sticker mods.  Oy.

No doobies for you.

As a general rule, if has double-sided tape on it in any way, think again. A Corvette is darn near perfect out of the gate, no frou-frou stickers needed!

Rant over.  Thank-you.