Weiner Wednesday AKA Good Corvettes Gone Bad: Mutant Twin Mill C3

It even looks like a weiner. Hot dog.  Um, you know what I mean.

Good God Almighty in heaven above.

What the devil is this?

Corvette Online’s ongoing series, “Weiner Weds” is the story of “Good Corvettes Gone Bad” and the “Weiners” that took perfectly good plastic Chevy’s and crossed the boundaries of taste and decorum.

Body has been channeled. Narrowed too?

In this case, not only did the owner butcher a C3 Corvette, but they squandered any monetary value the car might have had. Every “custom” stroke took money away. “Improvements”  should add value, not destroy it.

Clues regarding builder are revealed in the car’s Craigslist description.

We’ve seen some really bad Corvettes. Styling ideas that should have never come to fruition are shamelessly grafted onto Bill Mitchell’s masterpiece,”willy nilly.” Usually C3s.

This thing though, really takes the cake.

When I initially started the “Weiner Weds” column, I was worried that is was a great premise but would run out of gas, or worse, run out of material, i.e. bad Corvettes.

What were they thinking?

Boy was I wrong.

There is no shortage of horribly customized Corvettes across the country. Thoughtless, ham-fisted, zero-planning builds are seemingly everywhere.

C3s were undervalued for years and exercises like this contributed to the mullet narrative and waning desirability. Good thing people came to their senses.

Nice work on the fender extensions.

Usually I ask Weiner Weds readers, “What would you do if you purchased a brutally hacked Corvette like this?”

The original frame is gone, replaced with a Chevy truck frame, so maybe one could swap the Pinocchio front clip for a repro unit, discard the truck frame and voila, you would have a ‘Vette body to drop on a Art Morrison or Speed Shop chassis.


The “wizards” channeled the body to sit low over the frame rails so essentially, they hit the bullseye and rendered this car a worthless piece of scrapmetal and fiberglass.

Great work guys!

Kill it with fire.

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