Weiner Wednesday AKA Good Corvettes Gone Bad: Homegrown Makeovers

Someone decided the “Corvette Summer” car wasn’t heinous enough, and set out to make their own. Dig the skyscraper, b-pillar double roof hoop.

Oh look, it’s hump day here at Corvette Online. That means another installment of “Weiner Wednesday.” For those of you just joining the party, every Wednesday we take a look at Corvettes taken down the stoney path and the “weiners” that took them there.

For example, check out these horrendous, homegrown Corvette makeovers.

The worst thing to ever happened to C3 Corvettes is a dude weiner with an Eckler’s “Complete Guide To Corvette Fiberglass Repair” book.  Notice I didn’t include the link…

When Bill Mitchell, Larry Shinoda and David Halls collectively gave birth to the C3 Corvette, every line, angle and flourish was deliberated, debated and then massaged into automotive perfection.

What’s with the roof spoilers?

The ‘Vettes here seem customized on a whim with zero planning. Like a bad acid trip with  every thing melting around you, these ghoulish aberrations might only find salvation in a junkyard or restoration shop. Bring lots of money too.

Not good. Adding Chevy Monza taillights was all rage back in the day.

We are all for preserving Corvette history, so maybe these old warriors need to be gently touched up and returned to the grassy knolls of local show and shine. That way people will know what LSD, a bucket of fiberglass resin, a hack saw, an eight track of the Doobie Brothers and a nutty idea can bring.

Or should they be returned to as new condition like when they rolled off the line in St. Louis, MO all those years ago?

What do you think? Winner or Weiner?

Let us know in the comments below.

Oh boy.

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