Do you remember the 1958 movie “The Fly?”  It’s seen several remakes over the years and the story is gruesome indeed.

It’s a tale about a scientist who is tinkering with teleportation in his suburban home. After experimenting with inanimate objects and the family cat, he goes missing for a few days.

His wife searches for him and finds him in the basement and to her horror, the scientist tried to teleport himself but a fly was in the booth and when “re-animated” he became a man with a fly’s head and an arm and a fly with with the man’s head and arm. Oy!

Well, we think of the same thing happened with a this C3 Corvette and a forties Chevy truck!  From all of us at Corvette Online, we give you the automotive version of “The Fly.”

God only knows why one would ever do something like this to a perfectly good Corvette but here you go! Dig the fat fendered Chevy truck front clip, bed rails, long horns and motor home mirrors. Is there an old Chevy truck somewhere with the front clip of a Corvette grafted on?  Oy!

We have to throw in our standard disclaimer that Weiner Wednesday is a light hearted look at the wild, wacky world of custom Corvettes. One man’s wreck is another man’s sculpture and we say vive la difference!