Taking the need for speed from the strip to the wild waves. Strand Craft, a company well- known for making high end luxury yachts, has introduced a new personal watercraft promising to fulfill your need for speed. For those who love to split their time between the track and riding the waves, this could be a new toy of interest to add to the collection.

The new Strand Craft Wet Rod comes powered by a 5.7L 300 hp Corvette V8 engine, backed by a jet propulsion system that pushes it to top speeds of 65 mph. Measuring 16 feet long, this beast is sporting a carbon fiber body and epoxy construction with sleek lines and is custom painted. Some of the luxury features included are a GPS system for those who lose track of the shoreline, an ice box underneath, and a waterproof luggage compartment for those with extra gear on board. As any high end luxury ride should, the Wet Rod also includes plenty of options such as wood inlays, custom finishes, a trailer, and a bangin sound system.

Our friends from JDP Motorsports have offered to pump up performance on the V8 Vette powered beast, for those who want to supercharge their wave rider. Taking the aftermarket mods to a whole new level, just by throwing on a few new headers and giving this beast a nitrous boost you just might have yourself a drag ready wet rider.

Designed with an elegant sporty appearance, this watercraft will for sure impose its presence on the beach. This wave rider was designed by Kurt Strand in collaboration with professional watercraft riders, to match the undeniably impressive looks with real powerful performance.

The Vette powered V8 watercraft is planned to be released to the market later this year. Prices starting at $49,000, this latest Strand Craft creation can be yours to have for throwing down on the waves at the beach. Would you take this power packed ride out for some rough wave riding?