Craigslist offers car guy and gals the opportunity to buy, sell or trade, parts and or entire cars to a wide variety of consumers. There are certainly deals to be had, but there are moments when the pictures in a listing make the viewer a little queasy. For example, a seemingly innocuous listing offering a customized Corvette in trade for a Harley Davidson motorcycle – with one mouse click prepare to be taken back to the early 1990’s.

Wild colors and airbrush motifs are definite indicators of a vehicle’s age and when the customization took place. Despite the dated exterior complete with over-the-top body mods, the C4 appears to be a clean car. The absence of dings, dents and faded paint prove that the seller has at least taken good care of the Corvette.

Along with the combination of pin striping, airbrush graphics and blue/purple/lime green accent colors, this C4 was subjected to a variety of other cosmetic enhancements. Like the exterior, the interior was treated to a custom upholstery job including snake skin fabric inserts in what appears to be aftermarket leather wrapped seats. According to the description this C4 also sports a set of custom wheels and a ‘Viper” conversion.

As for the wheels, they might actually be Boyd Coddington Smoothie II wheels, or they might be knockoffs – it’s hard to tell from the photos. However the real question is what the heck is a “Viper” conversion; without an engine picture it not possible to rule out the possibility that the Dodge supercar’s powerplant resides underneath the fiberglass. Perhaps the “Viper” conversion refers to the body modifications on the rear of the car or the snakebit feeling you might get after trading a Harley for this C4.