People go insane during football season; they are willing to go shirtless after getting creative with body paint just to show their team spirit during a snowstorm. So you can imagine how rabid fans can get caught up in the frenzy to purchase tickets to the big game, especially if it is their team. According to the Greendale Patch tickets are so valuable to fans that they are willing to do almost anything for them, including trading a Corvette for three tickets.

With face values of  $600 to $1200 per seat, the ticket brokers, Stub Hub and eBay sellers are asking thousands of dollars for tickets to the big game. One of the more unique approaches to try to obtain tickets to game was to trade a 1979 Corvette for three seats  on Craigslist. The listing claims the car is worth nearly $10,000 and has been in the family since 1981. With only 36,000 miles on it, all new brakes and a rebuilt carburetor, it is ready for spring cruising.

One would assume that to part with a car that has been in the family nearly thirty years, they would have to be a diehard fan. If you have three extra tickets for Dallas and have no plans to go, perhaps a Corvette could be in your future.