How many car guys and gals have dreamed of the day when they’ve made enough money to buy their dream car to celebrate their success? Everyone has one particular car that holds a special place in their heart, but for celebrities the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the right car. According to Edmunds Inside Line, Bruce Springsteen chose to commemorate the success of Born To Run in 1975 purchasing a 1960 Corvette Convertible. Springsteen is an American icon thanks to his successful music career and it seems fitting that he would choose a Corvette to mark a pivotal moment in his career. Few things are as American as listening Born In The U.S.A. behind the wheel of an iconic American sports car.

Springsteen is being honored with a new exhibit at The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This exhibit was created because of Springsteen’s efforts in pushing the limits of First Amendment rights throughout his career. Thanks to his contributions and writing songs about life in New Jersey, the Corvette and some 150 other items belonging or relating to “The Boss” will be on display at the center through September 3, 2012. It seems fitting that Springsteen would chose to celebrate achieving the American dream by purchasing the American dream car. You might love or hate his music, but it is hard to argue with his taste in Corvettes.