Vortech Superchargers Gets Front Page Story in LA Times

As the Los Angeles Times reports, Vortech Superchargers, known for its top-of-the-line superchargers, has been making car enthusiasts’ dreams come true since 1990 when the company opened. Founder and president of Vortech, Jim Middlebrook started with a modified go-kart as a child and moved to performance muscle cars as a teen.

In 1970, he went to work for Honda, helping the company build race car engines within a year. In 1980, Middlebrook moved on to build superchargers for the well-known Granatelli brothers. With prodding from his wife and inspiration from unsatisfied turbocharger and supercharger customers, Middlebrook studied up extensively on aerodynamics.

With knowledge under his belt, Middlebrook opened Vortech in 1990 in a 2,100-square-foot facility- initially as a distributor for other companies and then as a supercharger manufacturer.

But superchargers aren’t the only thing that Vortech specializes in. The company also makes industrial compressors which account for about 10 percent of the company’s sales. With the current economic status slowing supercharger sales, Vortech is looking to double the sales of the compressors this next year. While superchargers will remain their main business, Middlebrook told the L.A. Times he thinks the company will see growth in other areas in the future.

Located in Oxnard, California since their move in 2000, Vortech maintains its status as a top supplier of aftermarket superchargers even in the unstable economy, thanks to their loyal customers and efforts to pay more attention to costs.

We look forward to seeing Vortech continue to thrive whether it is solely in superchargers or in other ventures. However, we have no doubt that with a car guy like Middlebrook in charge, Vortech is here to supply the automotive market for good. After all, he did tell the L.A. Times “We’re car guys. That’s not going to change.”

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