Videos: Reverse Corvette Test Drive Analyzes the Driver, Not the Car

Most of the time when you hear of a test drive, it’s a new vehicle that’s being tested. But in the latest test drive from Chevrolet, the manufacturer reversed that idea so that the brand new C7 Corvette actually tests its drivers. Yes, that’s right- Chevrolet just released videos testing the biometrics of drivers behind the wheel of a brand new C7 out at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch. Check it out in the teaser video above.

To conduct their “reverse test drive,” Chevrolet employed the help of a pro and five other unique drivers, including bloggers, CEOs, and even a producer from the video game Gran Turismo. The point of the test? To see how the unique drivers reacted to driving the brand new Corvette and how they stacked up to the pro. And with the help of Dr. Ken Steele, CEO of Axiom Mobile Imaging on hand, that’s exactly what Chevy found out!

With improved aerodynamics, an all-new LT1 engine, upgraded suspension and sportier interior, the 2014 C7 offers a driving experience like no other. Of course, we’ll leave it up to those who experienced it first hand and those that monitored the driver’s biometrics to tell you exactly what the C7 offers.

Kazunori Yamauchi- Producer, Gran Turismo

With 15 years of developing the Gran Turismo driving simulator under his belt, Yamauchi went into the test confident that his driving skills would carry him through the test drive just fine. And while Yamauchi was definitely right, we have to wonder what kind of effect his calm and extreme focus had on his test results. After all, Yamauchi was able to crank out a top speed of 115 MPH and a lap time of 1 minute and 18 seconds.

Terry Mcfly- Lifestyle Blogger

As a lifestyle blogger on his own site, Mcfly is an enthusiast of many things, including style, digital media and the latest gadgets. But with no real professional driving experience, how would he stack up against the pro driver and the rest of his peers behind the wheel of the C7? Well, we’ll just say he was a bit more timid on the track than Yamauchi with a top speed of 102 MPH and a best lap time of 1 minute and 36 seconds.

Kelly Olexa- CEO FitFluential

A passionate and health-oriented individual, Olexa is both a blogger and the CEO of her own nationwide fitness blog network. Needless to say, what she does on a daily basis barely involves the automotive industry. Going into the test, it was apparent as Olexa presented signs of fear and apprehension, but once comfortable behind the wheel, she relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Her final numbers were a top speed of 77 MPH and a best lap time of 1 minute and 59 seconds.

Evan Orensten- Co-founder of

With a knack for finding all things cool, Orensten contributes to the interwebs by inspiring people to create as well as digging up and displaying the latest and coolest things in the world on his site. Of course, there are a ton of cool cars out there, the C7 being one of them, and Orensten always jumps at the opportunity to test out the latest and greatest in the automotive market.

In the end, his calmness and enthusiasm paid off with a top speed of 103 MPH and a best lap time of 1 minute and 28 seconds.

Phillip Cooley- Entrepreneur/ Restauranteur

Having dabbled in many areas for his career, including modeling, real estate and even opening a BBQ restaurant with his brother in his native Detroit, Cooley has a unique hand in all aspects of design and creativity. Bringing this mentality to the table, it was form vs. function that was on Cooley’s mind, even though he’d never been behind the wheel of a car like the C7. But in the end, that didn’t seem to matter as he scraped out a top speed of 105 MPH and a best lap time of 1 minute and 27 seconds.

No matter what walk of life its drivers come from, the C7 Corvette offers stability, performance and style for any taste. Even those not involved with the automotive world at all showed great appreciation for the latest Corvette model.

Want to know how you’d stack up to the reverse test drive subjects in Chevy’s latest Corvette adventure? Well, unfortunately we can’t offer you a trip to Spring Mountain, but Chevy has created an interactive test drive video accessible through the manufacturer’s Vimeo account, so you too can see how you would react behind the wheel of a new C7. Of course, we’re holding out for the real deal!


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