Videos: Billy Boat Performance Exhaust’s YouTube Has Lots of Clips

If you’re in the market for a top-quality exhaust system, you’ve got a couple of choices when it comes to selection.

MG3_9011GRYou could spend hours browsing forums, trying to see “who has what” and “do they like it,” you could head out to your local car show and check out the vehicles that are closest to yours and find out what those owners are using, or the third option – never leave the confines of your house, dial up the Billy Boat Performance Exhaust YouTube channel, and listen to your heart’s content.

They’ve got dozens of clips on their channel of what appears to be just about every exhaust system they make, on cars with varying levels of performance modifications. You’ll have the opportunity to listen over and over again – because we all know that performance exhaust is one of the most important purchases an enthusiast will make – and it’s also not an inexpensive decision.

You’ll likely buy an exhaust system once, maybe twice during your car’s existence with you, so having the chance to listen to a clip of the system you like, rewind it, play it again, over and over again until you’re sure it’s what you want to purchase is a big deal. The BBPE folks want to be positive you’re sure before you place an order, so that’s why they’ve uploaded so many different versions. 

Everything from Corvettes to CTS-V’s to Camaro ZL1 clips of that legendary Billy Boat sound are there and ready for your perusal, so make it happen. Go ahead, look them up, and don’t wear out your clicker finger. 

For more information on the full line of Billy Boat Performance Exhaust, check out their website.

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