Love them or hate them, wide body kits have been around for a long and are not likely to die off. Occasionally, one will stick out from the crowd with the distinction of not looking atrocious thanks to have some striking styling features that hopefully will not end up looking dated ten years down the road. Supervettes offers the ZR6X kit shown here along with other additional, albeit more expensive options such as wheels, badging and body panels.

With a starting price of $7,194 the ZR6X includes: Front Fenders, Rear Quarters, Side Skirts, Rear Wing, Front Splitter and the Installation Kit that comes with new inner fender liners along with other items required to complete the transformation. However, the price will drastically increase by adding one of the wheel packages and/or the optional ZR6X hood along with the ZR1 nose.

Adding the optional items increase will the price of the package, but with many ZR1 inspired items available to order this kit could offer substantial savings over purchasing a ZR1 just for the look. The majority of the body enhancements are created using carbon fiber and or fiberglass construction. Carbon fiber offers weight savings, increased strength and durability, which add to overall quality of this kit. Based upon the image provided illustrating the actual width increase of the car, it safe to say that opting to avoid one of the optional wheel and tire packages would end up leaving the car looking a little odd. It would be a disservice to the overall effect of the ZR6X kit not to have wide enough rear wheel to achieve the proper look or just looking like you ran out of money.