Video: ZR1 Versus Stock Car Ends in a Spinout

Open track days give people with all sorts of hardware and all sorts of skill levels a chance to run in the somewhat-controlled environment of a road racing course. Courtesy to other drivers is the number one rule, since nobody’s going home with a trophy or prize money at the end of the day, and everyone would like to leave with their bodywork in the same shape as when they arrived.

Under the hood, Cemo's ZR1 still sports the stock supercharged LS9 powerplant.

Under the hood, Cemo’s ZR1 still sports the stock supercharged LS9 powerplant. Photo: Duncan Bonar

But, even when cars with similar levels of performance and drivers who are comparable in experience are mixing it up, sometimes bad stuff happens. In today’s video, we get a ringside seat from onboard an ACR Viper as one stock car driver lets the red mist take over while battling with a Corvette, and pays the price with a spinout and crash.

cemo2Our friend, Stephanie Cemo, who we met last year at the Shift S3ctor “airstrip attack” rolling half-mile races, has a starring role in this cautionary tale – following the aforementioned stock car through the road course section laid out inside the NASCAR oval at Fontana, California’s Auto Club Speedway, she tells us, “He went in super off-line into turn 9 – he was way high up on the bank. I came in on-line and caught up to him. By the time he got the car positioned straight to gas it, I was passing him at turn 10 (the kink). He was too far over on the left and when he gassed it, he must have jerked the wheel to the right to get the car pointed to stay on track. He stepped out to the left a little and over-corrected and it stepped out to the right. He did not lift and the pendulum effect started.”

The result is caught on video as the orange stocker swings out of control, cuts across the track ahead of Cemo’s ZR1, and backs into the tire wall. Just goes to show how much it sucks to run out of grip, track, and ideas all at the same time…

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