Video: Z06 vs Honda Street Race Almost Ends Badly…

The Real World is a messy place – broken asphalt, puddles of petrochemicals shed by slowly dying engines, dirt and sand carried on the wind, and of course, all those damn people wandering around conspire to make it a dangerous place to race. Combine that with bad driving, and we begin to answer the question, “how can a C6 Z06 lose a street race to a Honda Civic?”

The answer to this is rooted in our story’s primary concern of “sloppy driving,” and we’ll go out on a limb by saying that there truly is no replacement for displacement; if the Vette wasn’t piloted by such a sucky driver who didn’t know how to get the tires to stick, the miniscule Civic, even with a massive turbo, would have never stood a chance.

One YouTube commenter elaborates, “I’m pretty sure this has happened to everyone on here but maybe not cause you don’t know about real power. And the guy wasn’t on slicks, are you kidding me? I wanna see most of you drive a stock Vette; bet you’ll lose traction.”

Others who viewed the makeshift street race apparently share in the sentiment, “Too much power for a guy that can’t drive.”

Meanwhile, other spectators have chosen to seal the deal, call it a truce and just accept the cold fact that in this instance American muscle has been obliterated, much to our dismay, by rice, “A loss is a loss; find a better driver.”

That last comment is sweet and simple, and it’s a fact that really none of us want to digest, but paradoxically it is also the commentary with which we most agree; if you know in your rational mind that you truly can’t handle that much horsepower, then maybe it’s best to go back to your day job and drive an SUV!

This is probably one of the saddest things you'll ever see...

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