Video: Z06 Takes on ZL1, GT500, Esprit, and 911 in the Standing Mile

The C6 Z06 has always been a standout performer, and in this video the guys at Unlim 500+ have footage of a Velocity Yellow machine going up against some of the quickest cars in the land (which in this case happens to be Russia), both American and European, in a mile-long shootout.

Although the ‘Vette boasts a couple more horses than the 911 Turbo, the car gets absolutely annihilated in both the quarter-mile and mile segments of the event, with the 911 Turbo coming out on top in the quarter by nearly three-quarters of a second, and by the time the pair goes through the mile traps the 911 increases its lead by 1.36 seconds at 280 km/h – and betters the ‘Vette by 13 km/h. Of course, the Vette’s 2.14 short time leaves a ton to be desired against the 911’s 1.86, and likely would have narrowed the gap by a considerable distance over the course of the event.

Up against the 580-horse ZL1, however, the ‘Vette has a huge lead right out of the gates thanks to a 2.208 short time to the Camaro’s 2.404 and continues that on all the way through the traps, bettering the ZL1 driver’s time by 1.61 seconds. The Lotus, entering the event down over 100 horses to the ‘Vette owner, saw nothing but a fading blur in the distance by the quarter and didn’t do much to catch up by the end of the track.

vette3And in the quintessential GT500 Mustang/’Vette matchup, despite giving up over 150 horsepower on paper, the ‘Vette owner comes out on top yet again – and it wasn’t even close. At the least, these videos illustrate just how much of a factor driver input can have on the strip, and at most, we get to wonder how the legal climate is in the CIS, as we spotted a passenger in at least one of the opposing cars. Cool vid nonetheless – make sure you watch in HD. Beware, the link is in Russian, so unless you’re using Google Chrome to translate you likely won’t understand it…

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