If you’re looking for a great way to ruin the tires on your Z06, we have just the thing for you- a long burnout in a parking lot. While burnouts are bad for your tires, they can be rather entertaining to watch. In a video released a couple days ago on StreetFire.net you can see a black Z06 roasting the rubber off of his tires. This isn’t a short burnout, either.

The video captures the 30-second burnout in its entirety. It is unclear what kind of tires the Corvette has on it, but whatever brand they are, they sure make a lot of smoke. From the looks of it, the Z06 was not the first one to do a burnout in this automotive shop parking lot. Several burnout marks can be seen from other vehicles on the pavement.

While I can think of a lot better things to do with LS6 power, everyone has their preference of automotive “sports.” Based on the 5,000-plus views so far, it’s apparent that more than just the driver and spectators like the excitement that surrounds this burnout.

Badass zo6 burnout