We’re all familiar with the film, Gone in 60 Seconds, where thieves could have your car gone before you knew it. It’s a phrase that dates back to the ’70s, and it has made car enthusiasts paranoid ever since. But having your car disappear isn’t always the work of car thieves.

If you leave your Corvette parked illegally, it could be gone before you  come back from buying a coffee. Don’t think that your car is safe being sandwiched in between the bumpers of two cars, either. Thanks to Century Express’ rotatable crossbar, a towing company can have your car hooked and booked in a matter of seconds.

The tow rig operator doesn’t even have to exit the truck’s cab to complete this task, either. The Century’s crossbar is fully remote-control, and can be handled from inside the truck. This is the cruel reality for those living in big cities, or who have trouble making their car payments on time. 

However, if you’re in the towing business, this is good news. You have less of a chance to partake in a confrontational outburst from the car’s owner, and there’s less of a chance of getting attacked or shot at by an angry person getting their car repossessed like we see on those repo “reality” shows.

We found this demonstration video of a C5 convertible being towed from a very tight space alongside a city street. We’ve actually timed it from the moment the tow truck driver showed up, to the time he had the Vette completely out of the space, and it was exactly forty seconds. Remember that next time you don’t want to cough up that extra quarter at the parking meter.

Going... going... GONE!