As children, many of us dreamed of having a car collection, be it made up of different makes and models or strictly one variety, but few can claim that they accomplished that goal before hitting driving age. That is unless you’re like the two young English lads we found showing off their prestigious Corvette collection on YouTube. But before you start cursing the overly privileged few in this world, check out the unique whips these boys claim ownership to in the video uploaded by James Cutts above.

That’s right, these boys’ collection of 17 Corvettes is made up of miniature die casts of the Hot Wheels variety.

And while it’s not uncommon for young gearheads to have cases full of the miniature automobiles, these boys seem to have a superior collection of the American sports car, from Sting Rays to a ZR1, and even an original Grand Sport model.

But it’s not the mere extent of the boys’ collection that makes this video so adorable.

It’s the fashion in which they so passionately show off their prized cars, sometimes pulling for more time to hold each car and showing them off one by one at all angles possible.

We all found our passion for cars at one point in life and these two kids seem to already have the bug. When did you realize you had a passion for cars?