In a car like the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, having a manual transmission isn’t just a good idea; it’s mandatory. GM does not offer an automatic transmission in the Corvette ZR1 because (and we agree) it diminishes the driving experience. But there are some things that automatic transmissions are much better for, including consistency and drag racing.

We’re not sure why the owner of this Corvette ZR1 opted to replace his manual transmission with a self-shifting slushbox, but Redline Motorsports was up to the task, in the process upgrading the motor to make some truly inspiring power numbers.

With some tuning, tweaking, and a new bumpstick, Redline Motorsports was able to boost the stock 638 horsepower LS9 to new horsepower heights. On the dyno, this ZR1 put out 723 rear-wheel horsepower and 692 pound-feet of torque, a big upgrade from the stock power figures. But Redline went a step further by installing a 4L60E GM transmission.

In the process they have created the first automatic transmission-equipped Corvette ZR1. This allows the Corvette ZR1 to consistently deliver single-digit drag times. In this particular video, Redline Motorsports owner Howard Tanner ran a 9.80 at 139 MPH in this auto-equipped ZR1, despite hot weather and high humidity.

While we think its cool to stick an automatic into a Corvette ZR1, we’d still prefer to shift for ourselves. How many of you agree?