Video: Who’s a Better Driver – Tommy Milner or the ZR1’s PTM?

We all like to think that we can out-drive some stupid computer, so the first thing we do when we get in a modern performance car is switch off the old traction control. We tend to that any kind of traction control must have been designed by some pocket-protector wearing engineer who’s main goal isn’t to help us get the most out of our car, but rather to keep us from having any fun throwing it sideways around a corner. Well, in the case of GM’s Performance Traction Management that comes on the Corvette ZR1, you would be severely mistaken to believe that point of view.

In this video from Road & Track, they pit professional ALMS driver Tommy Milner against the ZR1’s PTM to see who knows how to better control the car. You might say that Milner knows a thing or two about driving Corvettes fast, so who better to show the PTM who is the boss?

The premise of the test is for Milner to take the same corners at the same entry speed, and give the throttle a good mash right at the transition point from brake to throttle. Road and Track had Milner test each of the ZR1’s five PTM modes (Wet, Dry, Sport, Sport II, and Race), while the video shows a ghost of the previous run so we can discern which run was faster.

We won’t go into the results here, (You can watch the video to see for yourself) but let’s just say that it is close; very close. Milner and the PTM are a great match up, but what this really amounts to is the fact that PTM can make YOU look like Milner on the track. All in all, this is a very impressive test to show just how viable and useful the ZR1’s PTM really is. Bravo to Road and Track for bringing us this test.

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