What do you get when you mix a Corvette, stereotypical New Yorker and a rap artist’s latest offerings? If you said insanity, you would be correct. That’s exactly what we found in the music video for “Swag City,” a remix of  Tyga’s “Rack City” by a New York rap artist that calls himself LYRIC INFORCA. If that name’s not enough to make you cringe, check out the video above compliments of Autoholics.

There is absolutely nothing right about this video, except of course for the C6 Z06 that plays a prominent role. Clad in a bright yellow and black jacket that matches the car but doesn’t do much for the dude’s dance moves, LYRIC INFORCA trolls the streets pseudo rapping about women, IHOP and money. Not only is the song horrible, there is just something inherently wrong about this guys “swagger” as he tries to portray a bad ass. Unfortunately for the rap artist, his act is more comical than anything.

We don’t want to say that this guy is representative of New Yorkers, or rappers, or certainly not Corvette owners, but this video definitely gives the combination of those three things a bad name. If you aren’t shaking your head or walking away from your computer by the middle of this video, we may need to rethink our demographic.

In addition to being a horrible song and bad music video, the production above does have some cuss words that may not be work appropriate. So if you dare to watch our stereotypical Staten Island friend here, it might be better to do so over your lunch break.