Video: Weiner Wednesday – “Ladies Man,” Hoopty ‘Vettes

Um, yeth…Check out this Corvette that recently gained notoriety as the least expensive C7 on the used car market at $37K.

Not only has the exterior been treated to an unfortunate series of “mods”, but one whiff inside this C7 and we’ll eat a bug if your scintilla nose hairs aren’t incinerated by a deadly bouquet of Axe body spray, Juicy-Fruit gum, bong water and “Wild Cherry” tree air freshener.

In fact, if there were ever a Corvette perfect for cologne enthusiast Leon Phelps, aka the “Ladies Man,” it’s this forlorn yet garish 2014 C7 available for sale down in Florida.


Tim Meadows popularized the “Ladies Man” character on SNL and even managed to turn the four minute sketch into full fledged movie way back in 2000.

You KNOW one of these was in there…

Leon Phelps might have trouble with the “Ladies,” but this hoopty ‘Vette and he are truly a match made in heaven.

We know the C7 Corvette is entering the end of it’s product cycle when we start to see used examples like this trickle down to resale lots across the country. With a mass produced commodity like Corvette, it’s a matter of time before the latest models begin their descent into the used car circuit.

Even worse, they become attainable to buyers that aren’t really Corvette folks. These peeps want a name brand car in the same was they want a backwards cap with their favorite sports team, the latest pair of sneakers and a tribal tramp stamp tattoo.

Or, like thousands of before them, they buy a ‘Vette to attract the “ladies…”

Enter one Leon Phelps wannabe and this gold mylar encrusted hoopty Corvette.  From the garish accents to the hideous wheels, many mistakes were made here.

The car dealer flooring this beauty describes this sick green machine as follows,

“This one turns heads EVERYWHERE! You are looking at a 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray. Some of the issues we have found with the car are as follows:

The 22″ wheels scrub a little when turning, the radio/backup camera flickers on and off sometimes not working at all, the front grille has a crack in it and some of the wheels have curb rash. The car still runs down the road ok and there does not appear to be any major issues. The car does show typical wear for the age and miles but overall the body and interior are in good condition.”

The 22’s scrub? Get outta here!

In the meantime, if this were your ‘Vette how would you banish Leon Phelp’s touches?

The first thing we’d do is get rid of the gawd awful 22s! Then we’d put it through an extensive de-gilding, removing all the gold accents and filigree.

Then we’d yank the seats, replace the carpet, rear cargo mat and seat covers and do a “shock and awe” approach to removing the arsenal of odors that you know still linger there. Then a thorough paint correction, detail and replacement of any broken bits like the curb-kissed front grill.

It’s got 80 grand miles on it so after we liberated it from the shackles of bad taste, we’d put it into daily driver duty and have fun with it. How about you? Rescue this car or leave as is, knowing that a little bit of Tim Meadows “Ladies Man” was nearby wherever your travels take you?

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