Video: We Have No Idea What’s Happening Here, But… Corvette!

italianc3Perhaps the funniest thing about checking out this video regarding the C3 Corvette is using Google’s Translate tool to read the “About” link on the video. For those of you still in the Stone Ages that aren’t aware of the wondrous Google Machine, here’s a snippet:

“A car racing pure, but able to walk heavy, that never goes unnoticed and that brings you back the mind to the magical atmosphere of the classic circuits of the United States: from Talladega in Indianapolis, Laguna Seca in Phoenix, generations of men at the helm of seven generations of Corvette, have ground kilometer course to win and to continue the story of a car that entered by time in history, or rather, the Olympus of cars legend.”

vetteNow, Google never professes to be exact in their translations, and since we don’t understand Italian, the only thing we can gather from this is that the driver is thrilled to have a chance to pound the ground in a piece of American iron.

The car itself appears to be a relatively well-preserved example of the breed, save for the General Grabber hoops, perhaps better reserved for your favorite soccer mom’s SUV. We also caught sight of the corrosion on nearly every component under the hood, the loose air cleaner retention nut, and the motor mounts that look to have seen better days – but overall, not bad for a 30-plus year-old car.

The producers do seem to have an appropriate reverence for the history of the Corvette as an automotive icon, and we’re left to wonder just exactly what it is that they’re talking about in the video. Anyone translate Italian? If so – leave your interpretation of what’s happening in the comments below.

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