Video: Watch this Electric Skate Board Take on a Corvette in a Race

What’s better than a piece of wood with four wheels on the bottom? One with its own propulsion, of course! At least that’s the whole idea behind Gnarboards – electric skateboards that boast power, speed, traction and rage. But why are we talking about this on CorvetteOnline? Well, the creator of Gnarboards recently pinned his product against the acceleration of a C5 Corvette in a 75-foot drag race and the results are rather impressive. Check it out in the video above.

You can do about a 2-second 60-foot in a C5 Corvette on street tires without much effort, but for a skateboard to do the same is astonishing. We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill wood board with wheels, however. We’re talking about a new line of electronic skateboards complete with aluminum decks, sticky tires and a whole lot of battery power.

Now, these boards are only in the beginning stages of production with a KickStarter webpage set up to help fund the beginnings of the project, but they’re still incredibly cool.

Created by industrial designer Joshua Tulberg, Gnarboards come in three different styles; the Commuter, Road Warrior, and Trail Rider. Each gives you progressively better features with the top of the line Trail Rider boasting a 13 to 15 mile battery range and an astonishing acceleration rate of zero to 28 MPH in just 1.9 seconds.

Is it possible for a skateboard to beat a Corvette in a 75-foot drag race? If you're talking about a Gnarboard, absolutely!

The Trail Rider is the board you see in the video above and it takes on the task of racing a C5 convertible rather easily. Each time the board takes off, it noses the Corvette, meeting it at the 75-foot line and even beating it there a couple times. We doubt your roller blades can do that!

From the looks of the KickStarter page for Gnarboards, the base board will run you in the $2,900 range for pre-order pricing. The Trail Rider looks to cost about $900 more. That’s nearly half the price of an 80’s C4 Corvette these days, but the pure awesome acceleration from a skateboard might be worth the substantial cash. Now if only these were drag-strip legal!

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