There has always been something inherently manly about American muscle cars. Even the name “muscle car” implies a certain sort of masculinity. That isn’t to say that women can’t, or won’t, get under the hood of a car or behind the wheel for some spirited driving, but go to any given track day, and you’ll probably see more dudes than dudettes.

But this next video of proof positive that women can, and do, race with the best of them. The lady behind the wheel of this Z06 Corvette is Dorothy Johnston, and the video was put together by her husband Don, who must swell with pride watching his lady fly past the competition.

The footage comes from the Mid-Ohio race track and Waterford Hills road racing facility in Michigan, where Dorothy donned her helmet and racing gloves to do a day at the track. There is no doubt from the in-car footage that this is a fully race-prepped Corvette. On the glovebox we see a sticker from Southern Motors Racing, whom Dorothy races for. They’re lucky to have this lethal lady on their side.

We love to see women who get into the spirit of competition, and according to some other information we found, Dorothy regularly posts some of the fastest lap times at these events. She’s certainly not a woman to be trifled with on the track. Perhaps we could get her to talk some of our own female friends into taking up the racing hobby?