Video: Walk Around of MTI’s C6 Z06 Track Weapon

So what do you do if you want a dedicated track monster late-model race car, and a fun and powerful (yet reliable) daily driver? Why not just build one car that can do both? We recently came across this video of a 2011 Z06 modified by MTI Racing to perform as both a track weapon, and a reliable daily driver if need be. The video was shot by MTI Racing at their customer track day in Savannah, Georgia.

The car features Brembo Gran Turismo brakes, HRE wheels, and at its heart is a stock LS7 that MTI has worked over with their Stage II Extreme package to produce upwards of 585 streetable horsepower at the rear wheels. Besides headers, the car even still runs the exhaust through the stock system. MTI rounds out their package with coilovers, Pfadt swaybars, a roll bar fabricated by MTI, and several cosmetic changes.

One of the more interesting modifications done to this car is the Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes (PPG) clutchless manual transmission. The host of the video from MTI says, “You can drive it on the street. But, it is so fast to shift through the gears! It is amazing how the lap times can drop just from changing transmissions.” (We actually talked with the owner of PPG, Simon Pfitzner at last year’s PRI trade show. Check out the video here.)

All in all, this is an awesome Z06 that should be just as capable on your weekday commute, as it is roaring down the track on the weekends.

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