You’ve seen cars go head to head in competition, whether it be on the track, with sales numbers, or specifications, but have you ever seen two comparable fuel types go head to head? Now thanks to this video uploaded to YouTube by VP Racing Fuels, you can see just what difference a fuel choice can make. Check out how much more power you can get out of your engine just by switching to VP Racing Fuels’ MotorSport 109 fuel in the video above.

As we all know, the power your engine can produce on pump gas is limited. That’s why VP created their MotorSport 109 (MS109) fuel. Not only is it made for engines that can run on pump gas, it will also produce more power without any modifications.

To prove just how much more power their fuel can produce, VP put a David Vizard Chevy 496ci. engine on a dynamometer and ran it with both pump gas and the MS109 fuel.

On pump gas alone, the engine produced an impressive 782.2hp and 679.5 foot-pounds of torque. Think that’s powerful enough? Well with VP’s MS109 fuel, the same engine produced an amazing 808.8hp and 693 foot-pounds of torque. That’s a difference of 26.6hp and 13.5 foot-pounds of torque.

In racing applications, a few more ponies and a bit more torque can mean the difference between winning and falling short. By using VP’s MS109 fuel, you can have your race car running at optimal performance without having to worry about making modifications to your engine. That’s a win by any standard.