Everyone loves alliteration, and that one was just too easy. This awesome video starts off with the two cars under the lights with the fog machines going, and the little bit of German we understand included the words “Iron Maiden” and “Metallica” and “Motown”. We can only assume that the announcer is referencing the uniquely “American” image of the cars… but the problem with that is that Iron Maiden is a British band. Nevertheless, the video is awesome. It quickly transitions into the driving impression portion of the vid, and some great twisties action thrown in, including a powerslide or three, and some in-car footage. 

There’s a lot of great B-roll video along with some performance measurements. There is no clear winner of the driving challenge, but there is great on-car camera action happening around the legendary German Nürburging Nordschliefe race course. The Nordschliefe is a portion of the full Nürburgring course that hosted the Grand Prix back when drivers like Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss were sawing at the wheel. An incredibly historic racetrack that has hosted all of the world’s supercars at one point or another, the Nürburgring is truly a test of man and machine. Does the ‘Vette come out on top? Anyone around here speak German?